I am Dr. Winfried Arens.

I received my PhD in Physics at the University of Hannover in 2001. The topic of my Thesis was "Herstellung von Hochleistungsoptiken für den 193nm ArF-Excimer-Laser", in English: "Production of high performance optics for the 193nm ArF-excimer-laser".

I have been working with optical coatings at different Companies afterwards, including beeing responsible for the coating departments of Leica Camera for a few years. I am a Member of the experts Group of the German DIN for optical coatings. That is the German expert group responsible (among other standards) for DIN/ISO9211 standardizing the definition of optical coatings.

In my professional career I recognized several times, that many optics companies producing coatings use crude methods or put in a lot of work to document the spectral properties of coatings they produce. So I decided to write a software that allows to properly document the spectral performance of coatings with only a few clicks and where the definition of the properties can be carried out in a simple way that complies with the ISO9211 definitions.


Winfried Arens